Remove a Node

Note: This section applies only to FaunaDB Enterprise.

This page will walk you through the steps to remove a node from your FaunaDB Enterprise cluster. While you can remove multiple nodes at a time, we talk about it below like you’re just removing one.

There are two steps to fully removing a node from your Enterprise cluster:

  1. Removing it from the distributed transaction log if it is part of your distributed transaction log.
  2. Removing it from the cluster.

Remove Node from Distributed Transaction Log Configuration

If the node you are about to remove is part of the distributed transaction log configuration, you will need to remove it from the log configuration before you can remove it from the FaunaDB Enterprise cluster. How to do this will depend on what your log configuration looks like:

  1. If the node you are about to remove is the only node listed in storage_transaction_log_nodes for that datacenter, you will need to add a new node to the log configuration for that datacenter before you can remove any. See the instructions for configuring a new node for the log system, and then return to these instructions.
  2. If the node you are about to remove is not the only node listed, proceed with the removal instructions.

To remove a node from the distributed transaction log system:

  1. In the faunadb.yml of the node to be removed, locate the storage_transaction_log_nodes setting.
  2. Find the IP address of the node you are removing and delete it from the list.
  3. Update the faunadb.yml of all other nodes.
  4. Restart all nodes, round-robin style.

Remove Node from FaunaDB Enterprise Cluster

To remove a node from your Enterprise cluster:

1. From any node in your Enterprise cluster, use the status admin command to get the node’s Host ID:

$ faunadb-admin status

2. Use the returned Host ID to remove the node with the remove admin command:

$ faunadb-admin remove »ID«

3. Verify that the removal was successful by running:

$ faunadb-admin status

When your node has been successfully removed, you will no longer see it in the status list.

4. Shut down FaunaDB on the node you would like to remove using whatever method you prefer (supervisor, systemd, init, etc.) to stop the process.