Remove a Datacenter

Note: This section applies only to FaunaDB Enterprise.

This page will walk you through the steps to remove a logical datacenter from your existing FaunaDB Enterprise cluster.

Log Partition Considerations

If any node in your datacenter is configured as a log partition of the distributed transaction log, you must have a node in another datacenter to take its place in the list of storage_transaction_log_nodes before you can remove it. Note that if the datacenter you’re removing is configured to participate in the distributed transaction log, we highly recommend that at least three datacenters remain after removing this datacenter. You may have to Add a Datacenter, or configure an existing datacenter to act as a log partition (follow the directions here). No line in the storage_transaction_log_nodes setting may be empty or contain duplicates.

Remove a Datacenter

If your datacenter is not configured as a log partition, follow these steps to remove it from your Enterprise cluster:

1. From any node in your Enterprise cluster, run:

faunadb-admin remove-replica »Name of Datacenter to Remove«

2. Now disconnect all the nodes in the removed datacenter:

a. From any other node in another datacenter your Enterprise cluster, use the status admin command to get the node’s Host ID:

$ faunadb-admin status

b. Use the returned Host ID to remove the node with theremove admin command:

$ faunadb-admin remove »ID«

c. Verify that the removal was successful by running:

$ faunadb-admin status

When your node has been successfully removed, you will no longer see it in the status list.

3. Shut down FaunaDB on all the nodes in the datacenter you just removed using whatever method you prefer (supervisor, systemd, init, etc.) to stop the process.