Cluster Status

The database administator may execute the faunadb-admin status command against any node in the cluster. The command will return the cluster’s status from the point of view of the node executing the command. In normal operations, all nodes will have the same point of view.

Datacenter: asia-east (in Replication: yes)
Status  State  WorkerID  Log Segment  Address     Owns   Goal   HostID                              
up      live   516       none   31.2%  31.2%  d3f4039a-19e7-44f9-9ff0-fbb84873301c
up      live   519       none  37.3%  37.3%  751ab602-515f-4410-b541-5a022b7f20fb
up      live   520       Segment-1  27.0%  31.5%  bee6efeb-a159-445c-9073-7442a42d6906

Datacenter: us-west.    (in Replication: yes)
Status  State  WorkerID Log Segment  Address          Owns   Goal   HostID
up      live   512      none         12.567.130.208   30.7%  30.7%  1a99f8f1-102f-49c7-8493-55d53d7fe006
up      live   513      none         12.567.92.245    48.9%  38.9%  2a91b55d-e5f6-4a56-9103-0371152de804
up      live   514      Segment-1    12.567.197.208   20.4%  30.4%  d3b47f57-e64b-4f07-9e69-f2995e65f9e1

Cluster field descriptions

Heading Description
Status If the node is seen as alive, then the status will be “up” or else it will be reported as “down”.
State If the node is operational, it is “live”. If the node has been deleted from the cluster, but has not been shutdown, then the state will be “removed”.
WorkerID The unique id given by fauna cluster membership.
Log Segment If this node is a log node, then the log segment will be displayed.
Address The network address used by the nodes to communicate with each other.
Owns The current percentage of data owned by this node for its datacenter.
Goal The target percentage of data that should be owned for its datacenter.
HostID The unique address for this host.

Data movement

Each datacenter will print out all of its nodes in a group. When a datacenter owns less than 100% of the data, then data must be transferred from other datacenters in the cluster to fill in the missing data. When an individual node in a datacenter Owns what is equals its Goal, then no data movement is required for this node. When Owns is greater than the Goal, then data must be removed or transferred off this node. When the Owns is less than the Goal, then data must be transferred to this node. See Datacenter: us-west above for nodes which require data movement.